Make Art That Sells: Home Decor

‘Hot Markets for your Art- Part A’: Assignment 2!

This brief involved looking at vintage Staffordshire pottery to design a set of plates. After a quick browse on Pinterest, I noticed a lot of whimsical English couple figurines as well as cats and dogs and thought this could all make for a good pairing up!

The words on the plates are taken from an 18th century poem called ‘A red, red rose’ by Robert Burns and I thought this captured the old-English-couples-in-love kitschy kind of vibe I was going for. I decided to limit the colour palette to pull it all together and think the pops of the red work well with the theme. I drew the characters to be quite simple and naive looking to keep the overall feeling light and a bit tongue in cheek!

Admittedly, at first glance I thought this assignment might be a bit of a struggle but even after a few minutes of looking at reference I was excited for the different routes it could go down and I would love to explore the Staffordshire pottery look more!


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